Join the home of entrepreneurs

Haier Europe is the place, enable you to create in - what we call - the home of smart entrepreneurs.

We call it home, because it is made by all of us together in a hyper-collaborative, open ecosystem: developers and users, insiders and outsiders, colleagues and partners.

It is smart as it is an agile, sustainable, innovative place focused on building the future of smart living. 

Our home is made of people with an entrepreneurial mindset: a community of entrepreneurs where we live close to the consumers, their homes and aspirations.


As relentless learners, we're continuously challenging the status quo: sharing intelligent ideas, and co-creating meaningful experiences in a circular community beneficial to all.


As risk-takers, we are breaking the silos to create value for the users. 

It's our inner entrepreneurship spirit that allow us to tackle new challenges of tomorrow, connecting dots between technology, design, and innovation, while optimizing competencies and processes to pursue the business of shaping the new era of living.

Welcome Home, Entrepreneur.

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Haier Attitude

We are agile and in constant motion, driven by innovation, creativity and smartness.

We are unique thanks to our Haier Attitude pillars of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Zero Distance and IoT & Ecosystem Thinking that guide us in everything we do. 

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

We are self-driven, open minded, risk-taker, obsessed with results, tuned-in with consumers’ aspirations, able to trace and connect germinal elements of innovation, gather internal/ external competences to pursue adjacent or divergent business opportunities and bring extraordinary experiences to users

Zero Distance

We are relentless learners, fueled by consumers’ satisfaction. They maintain a start-up mentality and adopts an agile approach to new developments, putting all stakeholders in disintermediated relationship with customers upfront to ensure offer is always current with customers’ desires

IoT & Ecosystem thinking

We are  change agents, thriving for idea contamination with a hyper-collaborative approach that breaks silos internally and externally, creating an open ecosystem of users, internal/external developers and partners to imagine the future.

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