Our approach to Sustainability

We are on a transformation journey towards being the first consumer choice for smart home solutions. This vision - combined with the need for a more circular economy and society – calls us to rethink our design, production, and consumption practices.

Sustainability is a key enabler in our strategic plan as we aim to reduce our social and environmental impacts by leveraging what is at the core of our business: artificial intelligence and connectivity.

Research & Development

We are investing heavily in R&D and revamping our supplier engagement process to improve sustainability in all the materials used to deliver our products to our consumers. 

Ecosystems Thinking - Considering The Lifecycle Of The Product

We apply ecodesign principles on all our newly introduced products into all phases of the product life cycle: from design and sourcing, to packaging and logistics, to use phase and end-of-life.

IoT Connectivity serving sustainability

• Prolong product durability and increase repairability

• Range of AI features with a real impact on energy efficiency
The app that takes durability, water and energy efficiency one step HAIER in the customer journey

Reducing food waste and energy in the use phase

• Leftover recipes for zero food waste

• Food inventory reminds you to use food before it expires

• Food locator helps ensure food is in the best location for food preservation

hOn talks to your fridge to adjust to the most efficient setting for shopping, holidays, etc.

• Over the air check ups to make sure fridge is working properly

Our 2025 Vision


Smart Innovation
  • Reducing food waste, water and energy in the use phase of our products
  • 100% connected users educated on sustainable consumption
  • Aligning our products with a circular and sustainable economy
  • Set emissions target reductions in line with science
  • Ensuring supply chain transparency


Efficiency is our bottom line
  • Achieve 60% renewable energy by 2025
  • Investing in research and development to transform our packaging portfolio towards circularity
  • Reducing our scope 1&2 emissions through building transformation
  • 100% factories ISO 50001 certified
  • 100% factories ISO 14001 certified
  • 96% of waste recovery
  • 70% of water recovered and reused in most water intensive factories


Anyone can be an Entrepreneur
  • Increasing representation of women leaders in the workforce
  • Building a network of inclusive communities across our entire operations to harness the best talent
  • Increasing the availability of relevant training opportunities to employees
  • Ensuring the safety and dignity of all our employees in every location and career path. 40% reduction in accident rates by 2025.


Data Strategy in the IoT Era
  • Achieving ISO 27001 certification for information security management
  • 100% of branded products rated UL gold and diamond for cyber security risk
  • 100% of employees trained on cybersecurity and data privacy

Haier Europe is an active member of trade association APPlia. APPLiA members recognise and take on their responsibility to act as good corporate citizens.


The Associations Code of Conduct is a voluntary Code that responds to the desire of the APPLiA members to make an impact and promote fair and sustainable standards for working conditions, social compliance and environmental performance.

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