Haier delivers high-quality products that respond precisely to sophisticated individual requirements and tastes.
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Candy offers products that combine accessibility, innovation and ease of use to accompany customers in their everyday life with smart solutions.
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Hoover provides high performance and trustworthy products that take care of people with a positive impact on your health and quality of life.
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Haier Europe, European leader in the appliances market, aims to meet the requirements of an ever-increasing number of consumers through a multi-brand and multi-product strategy.

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Haier aims to deliver technology that adapts perfectly to customers lives, empowering them every day. Haier offers premium and stylish products that use the latest technology in order to respond to the constantly changing needs of the modern home.

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Candy offers new ideas, solutions and products that are brilliant, smart and easy to use, with an accessible positioning and a constant touch of Italian style. Smartness makes things possible in an easy way, that's why Candy's smart solutions allow to enjoy daily life in the Italian way.

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Hoover offers effective and trusted solutions for healthy home living. More than 100 years of experience and continuous research on latest technologies to produce high performance and trustworthy products, helping people to take care of their home and their families’ wellbeing.

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