Production plants

The industrial footprint of Haier Europe is based on a network of different plants in Italy, France, Russia, China and Turkey, with a balanced presence based on the distribution and sale of the products. It moreover leverages for the appliances distributed in Europe on additional plants belonging to the Haier Network based in Asia.


The production facility in Brugherio (Italy) opened in 1961 and it has been constantly renewed with regard to its processes and plant. Today in Brugherio, the company manufacturers innovative front-loading washing machines, both freestanding and built-in. Its strategic position guarantees its proximity to the Western Europe markets.

In November 2012, Candy Group (former owner before its acquisition by Haier Smart Home Co., Ltd. In 2019) opened a new industrial complex in China in Jiangmen, in the Guandong region of the People’s Republic of China., where the Jinling Company is based. This plant produces about 2 million washing machines per year, both front-loading and top-loading “European” type.

The main industrial district of Haier Europe is located in Eskişehir (Turkey) since 2007 and it produces almost 3 million units per year with a growth plan that will reach 4 million units manufactured among hobs, built-in ovens, dryers and dishwashers thanks to the expansion planned for the coming years with the dryers and dishwasher production (2021-2022). Both, Doruk and Renta factories, belonging to the Eskişehir industrial district, are newly designed according to the most advanced digitalization/industry 4.0 standards and are based on lean manufacturing and technological breakthrough for high efficiency production process.

The C.I.S regions are supported by the production facilities of front-loading washing machines and cooling products based in Kirov and Chelny (Russia), both located in strategic positions from a logistical point of view to better serve and promptly answer to the growing needs of a wide and quickly expanding market like this one.