Sustainable development

Haier Europe was one of the first large groups to embrace the concept today known as Sustainable Development. After years of work, the timeframe shifted beyond the normal limits for return on a financial investment, seeking to define and implement a policy that was not only linked with the more “traditional” aspects of Environment and Safety but also included a focus on Social Responsibility. On this last front, Haier Europe bases all its relationships with its stakeholders and consumers, suppliers, in-house staff and communities on ethical fairness, financial transparency and social sustainability, including Business Ethics, Social Responsibility and Communication.

Code of Ethics


The Code of Ethics is a voluntary self-regulation cornerstone undertaken by Haier Europe and recognized by each company of the Group. This document brings together the core value of Haier Europe and a series of commitments applicable to the whole organization including employees, shareholders, consultants, advisors and any party doing business with Haier Europe such as distributors, suppliers, affiliates and commercial partners.
Our objective is to translate these into behavioral standards which must be upheld by everyone who, in various ways and with different responsibilities, contribute to fulfilling the company mission.”