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Haier Europe and Salesiani Don Bosco together for the next generations of service specialists

The students of the Institute will have the opportunity to learn technical skills particularly in demand in the household appliance servicing sector Brugherio, 15 November 2022 – Haier Europe and Opere Sociali Don Bosco open the “Greenhouse” laboratory at the Institute in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan).

The opening ceremony was attended by local authorities – Giovanni Giacomo Ghilardi, Mayor of the Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo; Alessandra Aiosa, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Sesto San Giovanni; Roberta Pizzochera, Councillor for Youth Policies and Active Labour Policies of the Municipality of Sesto San Giovanni – the CNOS -FAP National Director and Sesto S an Giovanni Director, Fabrizio Tosti and Francesco Cristinelli – the Director of the Opere Sociali Don Bosco of Sesto San Giovanni, Don Elio Cesari, Nicola De Guida, Chief Operating Officer of Haier Europe and some members of the teaching staff.

The Lab will host activities to train new technicians and service specialists, thanks to theory and practical lessons, to encourage the acquisition of professional knowledge and skills and thus address the skills gap in the sector. The students at the Institute wil l have the opportunity to participate in trainings on the products of Haier Europe’s three brands – Candy, Hoover and Haier – and, at the end of the course, find employment as Field Service Engineers. The opening of the Laboratory is a concrete example of fruitful cooperation between companies and social organizations active in the area and is part of the broader project promoted by Haier Europe and Opere Sociali Don Bosco aimed at encouraging the training of people with specialized technical skills, to en ter the world of work.

The project aims at supporting employment in the area through the creation of new job opportunities for the younger generations, in a sector where the demand for specialized profiles is growing rapidly. “Greenhouse” is a pilot proje ct, launched in Sesto San Giovanni, and it will then be launched nationwide in the other Opere Sociali Don Bosco Institutes starting from the 2023 / 2024 school year. “In line with our ‘Zero distance to consumers’ philosophy, and as leader in connectivity and IoT, we are able to understand users’ needs sooner and better and provide them with innovative and tailor -made solutions. In this context, technical support contributes significantly to the growth of our relationship with customers,” says Nicola De Guida, Chief Operating Officer Haier Europe.

“The project we are launching today in partnership with Scuole Salesiani Opere Sociali Don Bosco aims at encouraging the learning of technical knowledge in schools to train the new generations on the skills that are mostly required by companies, and therefore promote a faster entry of young people in the world of work.” Cristinelli points out that “as a vocational training center, every day we are discovering more and more how crucial it is to build and formalize a network of collaborations with businesses capable of guaranteeing diversified experiences, corresponding to the variety of skills that students will be able to develop during their training and work path. The project we are presenting today tells of the strong synergy between CNOS -FAP SEDE DI SESTO and Haier Europe to generate learning spaces for technical skills, enhancing the company as a cognitive context to provide students with up -to-date knowledge to meet the demands of the world of work.”

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