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Haier Europe announces its participation at IFA 2024

Haier Europe is getting ready for the 100th edition of IFA Berlin. An important anniversary, that the Group is celebrating with an incredible exhibition space to tangibly showcase a new dimension of Smart Home, hyper-connected and integrated in customisable ecosystems. All made possible using advanced IoT and Artificial Intelligence features. The first appointment is on Friday, 5th September at 3 p.m., for the customary press conference during the opening of the event, with a welcome speech by Neil Tunstall, CEO Haier Europe

The conference will be held in Hall 3.1, stand n. 101, an exhibition area of around 3,300 sqm that will host the latest products from Candy, Hoover and Haier brands. Main protagonist will be the space dedicated to Haier Europe’s Extended Smart Home Ecosystem, designed to highlight the customisable and connected ecosystems created by the interconnections between the Group’s solutions, the services and the accessories – also thanks to the involvement of exceptional partners.  

IoT and Artificial Intelligence will play a central role in the exhibition and will allow Haier Europe’s integrated and all-encompassing digital platform, the hOn app, to come to life. It will be possible to discover how the potential of connected and interconnected household appliances is multiplied by the integration of the smart energy system – including, among others, solar photovoltaics, air conditioning, and complementary services and offers. The hOn app is the orchestral conductor of this system, the digital tool that makes it possible to manage, multiply and optimise remotely the functions of all the Group’s solutions. In this way, everyday-life scenarios and automatisms can be activated that maximise the potential of household appliances for users’ full advantage in terms of savings and environmental sustainability, but also better domestic organisation. 

We have been working for a long time on energy efficiency strategies that could have immediate and functional applications”says Gianpiero Morbello, Head of Brand Strategy and IoT Haier Europe. “IFA is the perfect stage to present our vision of an extended, connected and interconnected ecosystem, that includes partnerships with energy suppliers and initiatives that we think can lead the international industry. Haier Europe is a pioneer in the world of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, that with the hOn app with its millions of active users in Europe is making this revolution possible by learning from the desires and needs, creating increasingly personalised opportunities.” 

Candy, after the launch of its total rebranding, will show at IFA the innovations that have led it into the new chapter of its history. A smart, accessible-high quality and Italian-style brand that offers intuitive and connected solutions to meet daily life, allowing people to dedicate more time to their passions and conviviality. Among the protagonists of the exhibition will be the new Candy Fresco 700 refrigerator, which reaches energy class A, born from the iconic genius of Italian design and updated by incorporating the latest technologies – such as Circle Fresh, which ensures consistent and uniform air circulation at every point of the refrigerator, allowing food to be stored anywhere inside it and fresh for longer; and Panorama Light, that provide exceptional interior visibility. There will be also on show the exclusive ProWash 700 washing machine, that reaches up to energy class A-40% and offers dedicated clothing-care technologies with the Soft Drum and brilliant results on any kind of garment thanks to the Proactive EcoWash technology. Furthermore, Bake 800 oven, reaching up to energy class A++, with its six different cooking levels and No Pre-Heat Function turn the oven into a daily kitchen partner. The hOn app, always at people’s fingertips, supports them in their daily routines to live their lives to the fullest, to be ready and connected.  

Hoover chooses this event’s important anniversary to unveil its total rebranding, focused on empowering people’s daily lives with ready-to-use, cutting-edge solutions, built around consumers’ real needs with guaranteed lasting performance. All the new floor-care proposals will be available to test the 5-star experience. Some of the products on show in Berlin will be: HF2, the cordless vacuum cleaner that represents the perfect combination of extended suction power and lightness; HF4 Hydro, the powerful and manoeuvrable cordless vacuum that, thanks to the new special hydro head, helps to keep the floors clean and fresh; and Wet & Dry HW5 that can vacuum and mop at the same time with its double roller system, delivering twice the clean in half the time. The area dedicated to large household appliances hosts the exclusive lines that guarantee top-level performance, maximum durability, and ease of use, stress-free maintenance and reliability. An example of the brand’s most representative qualities is the Hoover New Collection 5 with its built-in ovens, capable of combining advanced technologies, valuable materials and minimalist design to meet all needs in terms of use and furnishing.  

The zero distance to consumer approach becomes real in the area dedicated to Haier, thanks to the X Series 11 range, washing and drying solutions capable of achieving energy class A-50%: an absolute peak of efficiency combined with the guarantee of the maximum care for garments, preserved as new cycle after cycle. In the same area, the dishwasher range unveil the latest technologies adopted by the I-pro Shine range to grant the utmost performances and step in into the sanitisation of all the types of crockeries. Also on show is the new ID SERIES cooling range, for the first time implementing in built-in refrigeration solutions all the advanced technologies that distinguish the free-standing ones. Completing the area dedicated to cooling solutions is a range capable of achieving an ever-higher energy class as well as brand new solutions proving the endless innovation and dedication to improving and implementing the brand’s incredible results in food preservation. The ID SERIES cooking lineup also includes classic ovens, built-in combi microwaves, and connected induction cooktops – all characterized by a sophisticated minimal design and exclusive BionicookTM technologies. These advanced innovations will be the stars of the cooking area, coming to life to showcase the maximised functions of the induction cooktops and the steam cooking technologies of the new oven range. Maximised by app hOn, these unprecedented technologies become endless and increasingly customised, turning products into extraordinary solutions that adapted to each consumer’s needs. 

The Group’s stand also showcases the new Haier KSDA references, from the I-Master Series 5 to the new I-Master Series 7: small appliances range that brings a professional cooking experience to the kitchen thanks to Artificial Intelligence and connectivity. In addition, Haier is excited to announce its entry into the world of coffee machines, leveraging its expertise in innovation and superior design to offer tailorized solutions for coffee enthusiasts, to enjoy an unhurried moment of indulgent pleasure. 

A 360° ecosystem where optimisation and top performance also mean extended durability of the connected solutions proposed. In this perspective, Care+Protect product lines – a range of all-purpose, professional products – are designed to clean, protect and maintain your home and appliances with an eye on the environment. Furthermore, the hOn app is a fundamental ally that supports all users in a timely and carefree maintenance schedule, with suggestions, dedicated functions and alerts.   

The appointment with a new level of the daily connected experience is from September 5th at 3 p.m. in Berlin.  

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