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Haier Europe pledges to reduce emissions and foster product circularity in line with science

Haier Europe, part of Haier Smart Home, the number one company in major home appliances, is stepping forward in its sustainability plan by setting clear emissions reduction targets in line with science and advancing a strategy based on optimized resource efficiency and energy-saving solutions.

As a leading player in the household appliances sector, Haier Europe is committed to the pivotal integration of sustainability into its business. To achieve this ambition, the company is pursuing a two-fold approach that aims at enhancing its operations performance and accelerating its product leadership with more energy and resource-efficient solutions.

The stage for this ambitious goal is set in the Haier Europe’s recently published sustainability report, a comprehensive document that outlines the main results achieved recently, and the company investments in production efficiency in strategic plants to reduce part of its direct and indirect emissions by over 20%.

For the years ahead, Haier Europe has announced its commitment to submit a plan for emissions reductions by adopting a scientific and calculated approach through the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), a global body dedicated to enabling businesses setting goals in line with latest climate science findings. Haier Europe set an intermediary target of 60% renewable energy across all the company’s-controlled sites by 2025, and to sustain part of its operations with self-produced renewable energy thanks to the implementation of solar panels across its plants.

“We are proud to announce our commitment with the Science Based Targets Initiative. Together with the publication of our sustainability report, it represents a concrete proof of our pledge towards ever increasing transparency and sustainability performance in all areas of our operations.” – says Karim Bruneo, Corporate Communication and Sustainability Director at Haier Europe. “In line with our ‘Zero Distance’ approach, we want to accompany our consumers on a sustainability journey that leverages what is core to our business, connectivity and IoT technology, to have a significant impact on society and the planet”.

The report also lays the groundwork for a sustainable growth that revolves around developing innovative, energy-saving and resource efficient solutions, increasing the durability of products through artificial intelligence, IoT and connectivity for preventative maintenance and efficient troubleshooting, while educating consumers on how to use appliances in a more sustainable and efficient manner.

With its multi-brand portfolio – Candy, Hoover and Haier – Haier Europe offers a wide range of freestanding and built-in products in A Class, the most energy efficient class for home appliances. Lately, the company also launched WashPass, the first AI-driven washing subscription service that enables circular solutions for washing. In the last years, Haier Europe also focused on partnerships for sustainable consumption which will allow customers to obtain the utmost efficiency from the use of smart appliances. The company intends to build a Home-Energy-Ecosystem by interconnecting appliances, HVAC and solar and photovoltaic systems to achieve a complete solution for monitoring and reducing energy consumption, and has recently launched a new Green Energy division, as Haier Europe has expanded its ambitions and aims to become a leading player also in distributed smart energy solutions.

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