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Haier Europe wins two iF Design Awards for unique style and experiential design

Haier achieves another milestone in its journey of excellence with the two awards assigned by the iF International Forum Design, the world’s oldest independent design organization headquartered in Hanover.

Two connected solutions from the brand have won the iF Design Award – one of the most prestigious design excellence awards for over 70 years – in the Kitchen Appliance category, distinguishing themselves among over 11,000 entries from 72 countries. It’s a testament to Haier and the team at the Milan Experience Design Center of Haier Europe, established to design and deliver modern and groundbreaking product and brand experiences that anticipate and reflect European cultural diversity.

Led by Federico Ferretti, the MED comprises a multidisciplinary and multicultural group of talents from different nationalities, divided into three specialized and synergistic disciplines: experience strategy, experience interaction, and product experience.

“We are very proud of these awards, especially because they help validate the winning organizational and work strategies we have adopted over these four years,” comments Federico Ferretti, Head of the Milan Experience Design Centre. “We are a young team, with an average age of around 30, and we constantly look around to stay updated on new design tools, changes in the usage patterns of new generations, and the technologies and styles that impact domestic scenarios. I believe that this is precisely what emerges in our projects, a bridging of the gap between consumers’ dreams and needs, constantly striving to enhance the user experiences of increasingly technological ecosystems.”

A jury of 132 independent experts from around the world selected and awarded two Haier ID Series ovens, unique in their design and technologies. Both products leverage an innovative approach to IoT functionality that translates the ever-evolving concept of a customizable Smart Home into reality, learning from people’s habits and tastes. The Haier ID Series ovens stem from a new, highly technological platform developed with the aim of meeting the high-end needs of kitchen designers, architects, and end customers.

The awarded products

The Haier ID Ultimate Oven Series has been designed for consumer who are looking for the perfect blend with their domestic environment. The mimesis is obtained with 2 key elements: 1. The “over the edge” handle that bridges interior and exterior design, enhancing the craftmanship perception without compromising the usability; 2. The dead-front display that, together with AI recognition, minimizes the number of clicks during the use, and guarantees always an immediate interaction, supported also by a clever on-screen “bradcrumb bar” and by the Partlight, that provides augmented light feedback when you are not in front of the oven..

Haier ID Advanced Oven Series 4 blends perfectly with the kitchen: its appearance is natural and engaging to the user thanks to the embodiment of technology. Traditional materials are re-discovered for their sensorial essence: glass is liquid, metal welcoming. Connectivity is materialized through interaction combining atoms with bits, lights, movements and sounds to blend them into a memorable and unique part of the product appearance. The design of the product experience should resist to the use but also to the passage of time. Last for years but capture all the senses in one second, without distractions.

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