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Haier Europe’s commitment on more sustainable everyday habits results in saving energy & minimizing food and water waste


The amount of water equal to 320 Olympic-sized swimming pools; up to 30 laundry cycles every year; a reduction of C02 emissions equal to that absorbed by 1750 football fields of forests and food waste reduced by 20,000 tons.
These are the estimated results that could be achieved if all the users who currently have Haier Europe connected appliances used the hOn app functions and suggestions.

Haier Europe, the world’s No.1 brand for connected appliances, aims mainly at meeting the needs of every consumer through constant technological innovation and an accurate use of artificial intelligence. These concepts perfectly represent the Group’s zero distance to consumerstyle that today has two immediate priorities: attention to the Planet and cost savings.

To this end, the hOn app, a digital platform that allows users to manage the Candy, Hoover, and Haier products, plays a key role. In addition to its main functions, it also allows users to access easily several services and suggestions, thanks to a selection of increasingly growing partners. The estimated figures in terms of savings and more sustainable habits are significant.

The full potential of each user connecting to the app and leveraging its full functionality would allow:

  • Saving water equal to 320 Olympic-sized swimming pools1;
  • A reduction of carbon dioxide emissions equal to those absorbed in a year by 1750 football pitch-sized forests (12 km2)2;
  •  A reduction of food waste by 20,000 tons in a year3.

“These are very significant figures that can really make the difference” stated Piergiorgio Bonfiglioli, Haier Europe Marketing Director, Providing solutions that adjust in real time to consumers’ needs, which change heavily due to factors that are not directly related to their desires and preferences, is a priority for us. Saving and attention to the environment around us are very sensitive topics for our users and this is why they are at the top of the functions supplied by the group’s products and platforms”.

Thanks to the data shared on the hOn App, according to each individual users’ experience, we can learn the consumers needs and behavior when it comes to our products. This is key in helping our customers adopt more sustainable habits that can save resources, including money.

The app shares, for example, several Eco- Tips & usage statistics:  powerful support to streamline the loading of appliances in order to reduce the number of cycles made, suggest the use of the right type and quantity of detergent and set the most appropriate temperature. For washing machines, this allows each user to save 30 kWh of energy per year, equal to approximately 30 free washing cycles4, and 450 litres of water*.

Dryers also have Eco Smart functions which allow significant savings. The SYNCRO function, for example, uses the information taken from the washing machine to set the right drying cycle, setting proactively its duration based on the type and quantity of the laundry loaded and its initial moisture level. It allows users to save approximately 100 kwh of energy, equal to 3.5 months of free use of appliances*5.

Let’s move to the kitchen. It is estimated that every year a family wastes 90 kg of food**, with 74% being fresh food6, and that’s just because they forget they have it, or they store it inappropriately, this is why connectivity provides some functions designed to face these needs, such as AI PROACTIVE TEMPERATURE that sets the temperature according to the user’s needs, weather, and geolocation, in order to preserve food freshness longer.  The FOOD LOCATOR suggests the right shelf to preserve food freshness longer, and finally Smart INVENTORY sends an alert when the food is close to its expiry date.

hOn connectivity can allow users to prevent the waste of over 65 kg of food per family, corresponding to 22 daily meals7.

How often do we think that proper maintenance of our appliances can result in a significant energy and cost savings?  The hOn App checks the use of appliances and warns users when it’s time to run preventive self-maintenance, including removing limescale from the heating element, keeping the filters clean and the fridge defrosted, while avoiding a useless energy waste and ensuring that appliances have a longer life cycle. Suggestions from the hOn App would allow for a total estimated saving of approximately 60kWh* (per year?), equal to the carbon dioxide absorbed by 2 trees for a whole year8!

From the beginning of 2023, through the Haier Europe hOn app, users are provided with the new ECO-SCHEDULE function that allows for the automated planned running of the appliances directly in the most convenient time slots according to individual energy supplier’s contract, simple and cost savings!

Among 2023 resolutions, Haier Europe has pledged to continue taking responsibility to make a real difference for the planet and the consumers’ wallets. Now, it is time for you to set your resolutions and follow our smart advice.

*Estimate made using IOT, compared to the IEC full-load cycle (used 150 times per year). 10 kg washing machine- A class. 10 Kg dryer, A++ class, 14 place setting dishwasher, C class. Conclusions were drowned based on calculations and conversions using consumption data provided by Haier Europe lab and sources mentioned below.

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