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hOn joins CSA – Connectivity Standard Alliance

Haier Europe’s App, the digital space where the group’s appliances can be managed and controlled enters the world of Matter for a new dimension of “Zero Distance” philosophy

Milan, 26 September 2022 – Many digital solutions for home system and appliance management are currently available on the market, a fragmented market based on proprietary environments that do not allow for the management of appliances and systems of different brands with one single App. A scenario that is far from Haier Europe’s Zero Distance philosophy that focuses on customers and their needs.

For this reason, hOn, the app that allows customers to manage and control Haier, Candy, and Hoover solutions, joins Connectivity Standard Alliance (CSA) – the company that since 2002 has been developing open and universal connection standards to allow all the items to be connected and interact safely. It is a new form of enlightened cooperation in the IoT, which revolutionizes the sector.

We live in an ever-changing world, which also changes our way of living and working. In such a scenario, the future of the IoT is built on the cooperation between professionals and brands on the international level. Therefore, it is necessary to interact within a single open and interconnected digital ecosystem that provides the users with the chance to manage, with a single system, all the appliances and products they use daily.

This standardised solution is called Matter, the CSA protocol that allows for connection among compatible devices and systems of a Smart Home in a safe and simple way, with the best technological standards and the utmost harmony and simplicity.

Joining the Matter ecosystem is for us a key step in the pathway started by Haier Europe that goes through products and services increasingly created to meet consumers’ needs, desires, and dreams. “Zero Distance is not just a claim, – stated Piergiorgio Bonfiglioli, Haier Europe IoT Marketing Director it’s the philosophy based on the Haier Attitude that focuses on consumers, which encourages entrepreneurship and staff creativity to have the greatest value for customers and consumers. This approach also results in choosing strategies and partners which can enhance and implement the Group’s aims”.

Simpler checks, a more widespread adoption beyond the individual companies, and standardized solutions are Connectivity Standard Alliance’s aims and Haier Europe fully commits to these priorities. For further information and to learn more about Matter: csa-iot.org

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