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The Candy Revolution is live

Accessible high-quality solutions with iconic Italian style.

A new identity and increasingly smart products lead the Italian brand to the conquest of international markets.

Candy, the iconic brand with signature Italian design, chooses Milan Design Week and Eurocucina – FTK – Technology For the Kitchen to reveal its evolution: a new identity, a new logo, and a new products range of intuitive, technological, and connected solutions for a new smart level.

Since 1945, Candy has been among the European leaders in the home appliance market, distinguished itself with smart and accessible products, becoming synonymous of home. Today, Candy is ready to reach the next level, exceeding consumer expectations with simple and innovative solutions for life’s most complex challenges.

The evolution is reflected in the ability to provide efficient solutions in all product categories and meet every consumer need, ensuring high-quality standards and accessibility – a challenge that has been pursued since the beginning and continues to be met. The brand’s heritage is recognized primarily in the characteristic Italian style, a timeless design that reflects the attention to detail and an attitude of creating a smart and easy home environment.

The new logo symbolizes a new identity, able to communicate the characteristics also admired in the renewed product line: elegant, neat, effective, and gratifying. The contrast between rounded edges and sharp lines creates an unusual harmony, while the open letters express dynamism and a technological soul. The historic blue colour leaves space to a timeless grey, more elegant and stylish, in line with the brand’s evolution.

From a design perspective, the operation was imagined by the Milan Experience Design Center of Haier Europe as a reengineering work: embedding the Group’s technological know-how into Candy’s inherently innovative and Italian DNA. The brand’s values have thus been sublimated and elevated in style, in the high-quality and the accessibility of the products, and in the smart interactions. The new Candy has an elegant and minimalist design, yet timeless.

Always ready to exceed consumer expectations with technological, accessible, and sustainable solutions, the new Candy sets an ambitious goal: to simplify people’s everyday challenges, enabling them to fully enjoy their lives. It is on these foundations that the new journey is based: ready to live.

The brand’s proposals are characterised by more innovative technological systems that reach the highest levels of smartness and adaptability, thanks to the hOn app – the platform for managing the Group’s connected solutions. Simplifying daily habits and challenges also means promoting access to a smart home ecosystem where energy efficiency, savings, and waste reduction are just a tap away thanks to hOn app and it’s monitoring programs. This allows consumers to pursue their passions without worries.

Eurocucina: Ready to Reveal

The dedicated space in the Eurocucina booth lets the visitors experiencing Candy’s journey, not only by discovering a new design language, but also by immersing themselves in areas reserved to product testing and connectivity, amazed by activations and surprises.

The “ready to cook” concept is perfectly represented by the Candy Black, Candy Full Inox, and Candy Stainless Steel Collection ranges, each showcased in their dedicated areas and characterized by high-quality Italian design, both in materials and finishes. The lines consist of ovens in energy class A++, combi microwaves, connected hobs and induction hobs with integrated hoods. These are an absolute novelty for the brand, and a graphical demonstration reproducing the airflow from the hob to the hood can be witness in the booth.

The ovens stand out for the functions serving every consumer need. The No Preheat technology, for example, allows starting the cooking cycle without preheating to save time and energy, while FullMenu allows cooking a complete menu simultaneously thanks to the six different levels in the cavity.

These are just some of the numerous features, monitorable from the hOn app, and protagonists of a fun interactive corner that allows visitors to capture themselves in scenic backgrounds created specifically for the event.

The handiness and functionality of built-in solutions dedicated to the world of cooking come to life thanks to the showcooking by Michelin-starred Chef Cristiano Tomei, who presents high-level recipes and demonstrates the uniqueness and versatility of the new Candy products.

In a special area, the Candy Black range can be admired in its fullness: ovens, combi microwaves, hobs, and induction hobs with integrated hoods. Thanks to a LedWall and a remarkably engaging activation, visitors can immerse themselves in different design scenarios. Through 3D video animations, the featured products are digitally inserted into different “kitchens”, allowing the transformation of the environment to create different spaces with several shapes and materials each time. This activation proves the versatility and attention to detail of Candy’s solutions, which fit perfectly into any style.

The new era of the brand is “ready to connect,” ready to maximize the potential of connectivity with the hOn app. The area dedicated to connectivity is dominated by an IoT Wall: an interactive mosaic made of monitors, graphics, and lights synchronized with each other. This mosaic will show and directly involve the visitors in three different scenarios to show how connectivity can concretely improve people’s daily lives:

– “ready to save” highlights the commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment – represented by functions like Eco-Schedule for scheduling washes;

– “ready to last” emphasizes the importance of maintenance and care of each appliance;

– “ready to live” tests Candy’s commitment to meeting people’s needs with functions like remote control, special programs, and features for recipes and shopping lists.

Enjoying one’s life and passions has never been easier.

Always a strong point of the brand, the “ready to wash” area showcases the novelties and main features of the new Candy built-in dishwashers and washing machines. In particular, the built-in Rapido’ solution in class A with Maxi Tub stands out as the most capacious on the market with an internal space superior of 11% compared to the average in the same category, and for a washing and drying program in just 35 minutes – the fastest washing and drying cycle on the market. Additionally, Candy presents the exclusive built-in washing machine in A-20% class, equipped with numerous functions activatable from the app hOn as Exclusive washing Lens to recognise wash symbols and store them in the Virtual Wardrobe, improved performance thanks to Smart AI that sets the most efficient cycle according to the laundry program and load and a positive influence on habits thanks to efficiency statistics.

Candy’s new range of built-in refrigerators reigns in the “ready to cool” area. Those solutions fully express the concept of “Refreshing Effortlessly” with a combination of design and technologies. Characterized by a variety of sizes to meet every interior design need, the new range integrates cutting-edge technologies in food preservation, and easiness of use.

Among the most interesting innovations: Circle Fresh technology, that ensures regular and uniform air circulation everywhere in the fridge; Adaptive Humidity Area, a dedicated drawer with the optimal level of humidity for fruit and vegetables; Panorama Light, functional design element that captures attention and ensures total visibility in every part of the refrigerator. In addition to this, all new Candy refrigerators are equipped with the Candy Smart Pack linked to hOn App, providing unique services, including auto-adjustment of the temperature based on specific needs and a warning message when a power-off occurs.

Eurocucina is the opportunity to meet Candy as if it is the first time, reviewing the highlights of the brand’s history thanks to an exciting video showcasing its birth, evolution, and revolution.

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