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WashPass by Haier: Zero Stress, Higher Quality Washing

 The first washing ecosystem built from the cooperation between Haier and Nuncas® is now available. It allows for a professional washing experience at home, by integrating technologies such as Disaggregated Chemistry, the IoT, and Artificial Intelligence.

A monthly subscription includes installation, maintenance and refill of the active ingredients that releases from any little and big additional activity.

Haier – the world’s No. 1 brand for large household appliances*- announces the launch of WashPass onto the Italian market, as its first European country. It is not only a hyper technological, connected, A-class washing machine for the best energy efficiency, but also a new professional washing experience accessible to everybody, which allows you to take care of your garments, with no worries. The first monthly subscription service is managed by Artificial Intelligence, with exclusive detergents specially studied by Nuncas®, based on the innovative Disaggregated Chemistry.

WashPass by Haier has been designed to fulfil the wishes of every type of customer who will be able to reach at home up to 70%** improved performances minimizing the consumer’s tasks.

It is very simple, indeed: WashPass can be entirely managed through the hOn app. You just need to put your clothes in the washing machine, select the most appropriate programme and Artificial Intelligence will take care of your laundry. You won’t need to measure manually Nuncas® active ingredients, neither go to buy them nor remember to do it because they will be automatically reordered. Their cost is included in the monthly fee and will be delivered directly at home when supplies are getting low. Moreover, the service includes support for the washing machine to be installed and connected to the Internet, along with assistance and maintenance for the full subscription period. A total freedom level for the consumer.

To start your subscription, you just need to visit www.haier-europe.com/it and select among three subscription plans, based on the number of washing cycles required. After subscribing, for a minimum of 36 months, you will receive the washing machine directly at home, including the first set of Active Ingredients.

People’s customs are changing, the management of personal time is a priority as is the use of highly performing, yet environmentally friendly services. Relying on efficient allies which can be delegated with the daily management of housework, is at this point indispensable. WashPass by Haier is a tailor-made solution designed to offer an unprecedented innovation, guaranteed by two leading brands which have always been a synonym for top quality.


Through a process called Disaggregated Chemistry, Nuncas® has developed for WashPass four active ingredients which are released in the right doses according to the washing cycle thanks to Artificial Intelligence and allow for professional performances and results in the handling of garments. Nuncas®, in fact, gathered together all the raw materials used in the detergent industry in four main ingredients, divided into four tanks, which are blended and dosed by the programme selected based on the laundry quantity, its fabric and how dirty it is. This is how it is possible to maximize the performance of every ingredient and therefore, the overall effectiveness of washing, differently from what occurs in traditional washings or in conventional auto-doses. For clarity and habit of common language, the four active ingredients resulting from significant lab research and development are called:

Stain remover: to remove stains even at low temperatures.

Delicates- friendly detergent: to restore wool and silk, stabilizing the colour and carrying out an anti-odour function on technical fabrics.

Super degreaser: to remove the most stubborn dirty, with a high-sanitizing action at high temperatures.

Finisher: to soften clothes, releasing wrinkles and creases and adding anti-pilling action.


The combination of WashPass with the hOn app also allows customers to access the washing machine remotely, with real-time notifications, and to use a higher number of programmes compared to a traditional washing machine. The connection between the washing machine and the hOn app is guided and simple: it takes only one minute to connect it. The app will work as a single digital place where WashPass can be controlled and managed. It is compatible with the Alexa and Google Home smart speakers. Moreover, you can receive suggestions for your laundry and access a number of functions, including:

  • Washing-Lens: by scanning the garment labels, hOn will tell you the most appropriate programme.
  • Eco-Schedule: it allows you to plan automatically the starting of appliances in the most convenient time slots, based on your energy contracts, saving on bills in a simple and smart way!


Choosing a WashPass by Haier means environmental and consumption care, thanks to an A-class connected washing machine designed for the utmost energy efficiency and the least consumption. Furthermore, the new Disaggregated Chemistry system prevents waste because it allows for the use of the right quantity of detergent. Through the hOn app, the machine condition and its consumption is continuously monitored. Moreover, the user receives helpful alert notifications when it’s time to clean or maintain it, which prevents further waste.


The three available packages are:

Small – 18.00€ per month, for 100 annual washing cycles (approximately 2 per week)

Medium – 23.00€ per month, for 220 annual washing cycles (approximately 4 per week)

Large – 28.00€ per month, for 340 annual washing cycles (approximately 6 per week)

– Initial cost for once-for all payment – 150.00€.

Additional washings not included in your plan will be automatically charged, according to the following prices: Small 1.00€/washing, Medium 0.80€/washing, Large 0.70€/washing).

*Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Consumer Appliances 2023, %-unit share, sales figure in volume 2022.

**based on independent test which compare the washing performance of an ECO 20° cycle, combining a traditional washing machine and a Europe’s leading multi-purpose liquid detergent. 70% improvement measure on common samples, including herb, chocolate, blood, and egg on cotton. Average improvement for all tested combinations of stains and fabrics: 25%.

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