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Haier Europe partners with ESO to promote circular economy through recycling of sport shoes and tennis balls

Haier Europe joins esosport, ESO RECYCLING brand run and esosport balls project – promoted by ESO, Ecological Services Outsourcing, a Benefit Corporation that operates in waste management – to encourage and support circular economy and the culture of recycling and reuse.

Esosport run is an environmentally sustainable project since 2009 developed around proper disposal of old, worn-out, and no longer usable sports shoes (sport waste), which, however, constitute a second raw material that can be used for new initiatives. 

Haier Europe will install ESObox run and ESObox balls containers in its offices in both Vimercate and Brugherio to collect the old sport shoes and tennis balls from employees. Shoes and tennis balls will then become new playgrounds for children and tracks for athletes. 

The launch of this new project at Haier Europe strengthens the bond the company has with tennis, with Haier being Official Home Appliances Partner and Gold Partner of the ATP Tour. Not only Haier is a pioneer in the realms of connectivity and innovation, now the link with tennis and sports will also help in supporting the reuse of old garments in favor of local communities that can enjoy from the presence of new playgrounds and athletics tracks. 

“Esosport run project is perfectly in line with our ‘Zero Distance’ philosophy, that urges the company to stay closer to consumers and local communities as well” – said Karim Bruneo, Corporate Communication and Sustainability Director at Haier Europe. “We wanted to strengthen our link with tennis by introducing the possibility for our employees to give a new life to worn-out garments and tennis balls, that can come to new life thanks to this partnership with ESO. Promoting circular economy is also in line with our strategy of managing our impacts on society and the planet.” 

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