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Tumble Dryer factory in Turkey celebrates one year without accidents

We are proud to announce we are celebrating 1 year without any accidents at our Tumble Dryer Factory in Turkey!

Over 370 consecutive days without a workplace accident is an unprecedented work safety and health milestone that we are very proud of.

Mehmet Ali Karasu, Head of Manufacturing Operations commented: “This achievement would not have been possible without the commitment and support of all people at the Tumble Dryer Factory. It means that safety at work is indeed a priority in our daily routine. We addressed this important issue clearly and proactively by communicating a clear plan of action, and today we see the result of this change. We could not be more confident of the next milestones we will be able to achieve together.”

This is a major achievement for the teams which we want to extend across Haier Europe. We should be extremely proud of this success result. Now the level of innovation in this field is unique -cameras that detect unsafe behavior, forklifts that detect workers and many other factors- and it’s an extraordinary achievement when you think about where we have come from!

Alessandro Fatini del Grande, HSE and Energy Manager commented: “This result is important for many reasons. The working environment is the place where we spend most of our day and is therefore something that concerns all of us, our well-being and our safety. We are committed to ensuring a sustainable and safe working environment so that ‘zero accidents’ becomes the standard in all Haier Europe factories.”

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