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Haier appliances for Chiara Ferragni’s new home

Always synonymous with premium design and tailor-made services, Haier – the number 1 global major appliance brand, has chosen Chiara Ferragni to furnish her new and highly anticipated Milanese home. The collaboration between the brand and the artist continues and comes to life in the elegant Milanese dwelling, which, thanks to Haier’s technologies, is transformed into a state-of-the-art Smart Home: products designed for a décor with refined style and incredible performance.

Chiara, a social and communication pioneer, relied on the brand synonymous with connectivity and innovation to shape the home according to her tastes, interests and needs. Thanks to Artificial intelligence, connectivity and elegance, Haier is able to satisfy the most particular desires, without neglecting any detail, while offering refined design and the highest quality. The main goal is to make products that live up to people’s needs so that they can spend more time on the things they really love.

Haier appliances will enable Chiara to enjoy every moment with serenity. This also means being able to take advantage of different solutions and doubled space.

In the kitchen, the new Haier Series 6 built-in appliance collection, designed in Haier Europe’s Milan Experience Design Center with refined materials and fine finishes, fits perfectly. A selection of cutting-edge products, both aesthetically and technologically, for excellent performance.

The starring role is definitely for CHEF@HOME, the smart oven that provides a superior, worry-free cooking experience to discover a new time in the kitchen. The full-touch screen on the door allows you to manage all cooking functions, watch videos, surf the Internet, and control the preparation of dishes thanks to the expert eye of Preci Taste™-an internal camera that autonomously reveals the type of food and sets the ideal cooking cycle. Complementing the area are the microwave and induction cooktop, which make use of the special I-TOUCH interface, as well as the hood, enriching the sleek, modern kitchen by combining style, design and innovation. Finally, the Washlens Plus dishwasher, with its sensors and automatic programs, is able to achieve the best washing results according to load and cleaning needs.

Also standing out in the Ferragni household is the FD 90 Series 7 Pro four-door refrigerator with Absolute Ice technology, ensuring separate air flows and no contamination for 10 times purer ice. In addition to food, Haier takes care of the fine label collection, with the built-in connected wine cellar that allows for the best bottle storage and remote temperature control.

There will be no shortage of the very latest products launched by the brand: small kitchen appliances from the I-MASTER Series 5 line, characterized by the utmost attention to detail, premium materials and extreme versatility of use, represent true pieces of furniture with professional performance.

The collaboration does not stop at the kitchen world: for the laundry, two highly technological and functional laundry columns, formed by the I-Pro Series 7 Plus front-loading washer and the I-Pro Series 7 Plus Super Silent dryer, ensure professional results in the care of clothes directly at home.

“Chiara Ferragni and Haier share a set of values that sets them apart in their respective worlds of reference. Chiara, a pioneer of a new style of communication, has been able to impose herself with determination and elegance in an innovative and still unexplored panorama, just as Haier is a forerunner of connected and technologically advanced solutions that are redesigning the world of household appliances” – comments Atena Manca, Marketing Director Italy in Haier Europe. “In addition, the notoriety and attention that Chiara is able to generate constitute a strategic touch point in terms of awareness for the brand, as was the partnership with ATP Tour for the world professional tennis circuit, intriguing a demanding, attentive audience that is always in step with the latest trends.”

Every Haier proposal is researched, designed and manufactured to ensure the best performance, according to individual needs and requirements-even the most exclusive ones. The multiple functionalities of the brand’s solutions are the perfect answer for those who want a 360° connected experience, transforming every home into a tailor-made Smart Home. In addition, thanks to the connection with the hOn app, it is possible to manage, operate and take care of home appliances directly from the smartphone.

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