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Haier Europe’s hOn App survey:Poland ranks first in the active usage ranking in Europe


Haier Europe leads the journey through the most loved functions and advantages, accessible thanks to Artificial Intelligence and IoT. Leisure time, efficiency and customization are among the most spread desires recorded through the hOn app

Milan – October 2022.  Haier Europe, the world’s No.1 premium brand in the household appliances sector, represents the utmost expression of humanising technology. It has always had an eye on the future thanks to the constant search for new technologies and innovations and has recorded in the last years several successes and achievements which confirm its leading role among the world’s connected household appliances brands. This is shown by the registration figures on the group’s digital platforms, with its almost 5 million subscribers. The cream of the crop is definitely the hOn app, designed to be a guide through Candy, Haier and Hoover appliances. It boasts leadership in the users’ satisfaction ranking.

Poland ranks first in the active use ranking of the app in Europe, and it is followed shortly after by Spain, Czech Republic, France, and the UK. Even if Italy ranks sixth, it is necessary to highlight that it is a very successful number of users that is constantly growing. The same applies for the countries ranking last: Germany, Greece, and Portugal. These results are part of the big Haier Europe’s IoT Ecosystem project that puts into practice the Smart Home concept while taking advantage of the Internet of Things to meet the needs and the expectations of its own consumers. But it’s not only about satisfaction,it’s also about a constant targeted implementation of IoT services that allows us to foresee the customers’ needs, improve their daily life, avoid waste and promote savings. Therefore, we move from the Internet of Things to the concept of the Internet of Beings, where technology is a tool to satisfy the customers desires, placed at the core of the “zero distance to consumer” strategy.

This innovative approach allows the creation of new interaction modalities. We can see it clearly from the data collected on the platform: all over Europe, the connection services overcome the comfort zone of the washing sector and reach the kitchen, to manage everything from the shopping and temperature control up to wine storage and recommendations.

From the hOn App, we learn to know consumers, their habits, their choices; key information to provide proactive functions, programmes, and services consistent with a daily life that changes quickly. The wider part of the smart functions is used to make home-management increasingly more autonomous and comfortable, while fully respecting privacy and following the preferences of each consumer in order to let them do something else. However, although we know that ovens and washing machines reach a peak use at the weekends, with a high percentage of remote starting, we are also aware that in the first six weeks of 2022 the use of oven smart functions increased exponentially: we cook also when it’s hot, even more perhaps!

In contrast, the data about the most used function in the cooling area is a mirror of our times: My Inventory. It is a real assistant that allows for the shopping needs to be controlled directly from the refrigerator screen thanks to strategically placed internal cameras, by adding and removing items from the digital list and receiving live notifications about the expiry date. Therefore, consumers move towards actions and functions aimed at reducing food waste as well as energy.  

This means more attention is given over to products and programmes that ensure energy efficiency, a better consumption of water, protection of the environment, and, last but not least, big savings.

In fact, from the App, users can order washing programmes for washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers, based on the parameters that have an impact on the reduction of consumptions; all the programmes also suggest the amount of detergent to use: the environment and money savings are protected in a click.

In the kitchen, the smart functions suggest recipes that streamline the shopping according to the expiry dates. The refrigerator temperature is managed proactively according to the real needs of the products introduced and the weather of the day, in order to preserve food freshness longer and avoid waste. Smart functions also run the remote management of air conditioning that can be started from the most popular smart speakers.

A further level of energy efficiency can be obtained also through the presence at home of interconnected appliances, including for example a hood that talks with a hob and can therefore regulate its power accordingly, reducing smells, noises, and especially useless consumptions. Or the dryer that synchronizes with the washing machine, automatically setting the best programme and duration, based on what and how many garments have been washed, with a massive reduction of the drying time. These features are widely appreciated by consumers as we know that over 80% of users manage their washing machine and/or dryer through the app. The most used cycles? Not only the quick wash, but also ECO and those dedicated to sanitizing. The programmes for shoes and down jackets are also being used more; if you can do it well at home, why should you take them to a laundry?

After reading these data, it’s no surprise that appliance check-up is among users’ preferred smart functions, to monitor and receive notifications about the need for little maintenance activities. Appropriate treating and cleaning of technological items allows us to maintain high performance and not to face expenses for unwanted problems. Just think of a washing machine that collected limescale and would use 20% more energy.

Winter is upon us, we are curious to know more about our users’ new habits and desires, and we are ready to adjust and enlarge our offer of smart functions to meet all needs, as Haier Europe’s “Zero Distance to Consumer” philosophy states.

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